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Roast A Batch

How: Storyline 360, Create Studio (animation), Procreate.


Who: New baristas at  a chain of coffee shops.

Why:  Incoming baristas lack a consistent baseline of knowledge between shop branches. This employee training demo uses gamification and scenarios to simulate tasks and experiences relevant to daily tasks a new barista will regularly perform.


What: I was the sole designer and developer on this project. 

When: 2021


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Learn It Now
MS Word Templates

(Create Templates in MS Word)

How: Adobe Captivate 2019, Microsoft Windows, and Canva

Who: Professionals and students who use  Microsoft Windows for work and school.

Why: This software demonstration is an example of a segment in a series of tutorials geared toward legal practitioners who need to improve their Microsoft Windows skills.

What: Includes a Quick Reference Guide (QRG). I was responsible for the instructional (content selection and presentation) design and e-learning development of this project. However, the graphic layout and presentation were based on  existing company branding.

When: 2022


What is a Contract

How: Rise

Who: Non-legal freelance and small business professionals who work with basic contracts as a general aspect of running a business.

Why: We all deal with contracts on a regular basis, so it is important to have a basic understanding of what a contract actually is.

What: I wrote and created this as part of a lesson on contract law.

When: 2022


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How to Be A Good 
At Work

How: Create Studio (animation), WellSaid Labs and iMovie (video and audio editing).


Who: People feeling disconnected from the social norms of work environments.

Why: Especially now, people spend more time working at home. It can be emotionally taxing to return to the workplace. This explainer style video uses humor to

acknowledge the challenges of integrating into society.

What: I was the sole designer and developer on this project. 

When: 2022

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5 Tips For Making Learning Fun

How: Camtasia 2021 and WellSaid Labs.

Who: Learners interested in tips to make learning more fun.

Why: Learning something new can sometimes seem daunting. This short how to video can help people identify ways to make the learning process more enjoyable.

What: Includes still shots and video with motion effects created with  animations and transitions. I wrote, storyboarded, and developed this sample.

When: 2022

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Dying Without
A Will

How: Create Studio (animation) and iMovie (video and audio editing).

Who: Professionals who speak English as a second language (ESL).

Why: It is sometimes difficult to find supplementary ESL courses targeted toward learning English for a specific purpose. In this case, American English terminology is specific to the practice and understanding of US Estates & Trusts laws.

What: I was responsible for the  design and development of this video.

When: 2021


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Launch Careers
Content Designers
Quick Start Guide

How: Google slides and (redacted) screen recording.


Who: New volunteer content designers.

Why: A non-profit relying on volunteer content designers needed an efficient way to train remote designers and ensure consistency.

What: I collaborated with internal stakeholders to collect copy from previous documents. I then arranged, designed, and formatted the content into an organized and easily accessible training guide.

When: 2022


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6 Essentials to Empower Learner Experiences

How: 7Taps


Who: People who design learning experiences.

Why: This time-saving summary of a webinar,  by eLearning Industry titled, "The 6 Essentials of Empowered Learner Experiences," is perfect if you didn't have time to attend or if you just want a quick recap.

What: I was the sole designer and developer on this project. 

When: 2022

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(Legal Definition)

How: Video, iMovie, Create Studio.


Who: Professionals who speak English as a second language (ESL).

Why: This microlesson demonstrates that words have different meanings when defined and used in a legal context.

What: I was the sole designer and developer on this project. 

When: 2021

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