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I'm Simone, an

eLearning developer

& instructional designer

with a background in law

and a passion for visual communication.

I work with you to design 

and develop creatively 

structured learning



Featured Project

Consistency in training

This pre-orientation training uses gamification and scenarios to engage and support the entry of new baristas to the Roast A Batch family.

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Patti B., Client

“Your guide is so wonderful, I keep pinching myself! You are so creative. We can use this for years to come...”

Confidence English,

"Simone took the time to fully understand the project and my business before creating a storyboard template for a set of courses.


Everything was perfectly tailored to my business needs. She communicated clearly throughout the project making sure I was getting the product I wanted."

Mary S., Supervisor

"Ms. Arthur has shown herself to be incredibly adaptable. When faced with a challenge, she quickly assesses the problem and implements a solution."

I enjoy painting in my free time.
Picture 581_edited.jpg
Hanging out in Seoul.
Impromptu trip to Vladivostok. 

I'm a maker and a doer who loves art, traveling, and pets. I am originally from Maryland, but I spent most of my adult life in Chicago where I studied communication, law, and a bit of fine art. I am highly interested in opportunities that utilize my experience as a trainer, compliance regulator, and artist.

After several years of practicing law, I left the US to travel and teach in South Korea. I studied Korean as my language in university, so I was excited to finally get a chance to live and work in Korea. 

I spent three lovely years in South Korea before transitioning to legal writing and freelance ESL (English as a Second Language) instruction. In the course of designing material for my legal English ESL classes, I realized that I really enjoyed creating the instructional material, which brings me here!

I'm interested in fun, challenging, and creative assignments where I can showcase my analytical and creative skills, while positively impacting learner experiences!

In the studio with the pets.

Getting to Know Me

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